Merchandise Review: Flickering Tales candles

We are back for another merchandise review, and today, I'm sharing another favorite: Flickering Tales! Disclaimer: I have been repping for this shop since May which means I have received some items in exchange for promotion, but I was also a customer of the shop for months before I was chosen to be a rep. I am genuinely a fan of Rachael's products, and this is an honest review of my experience both as a customer and a rep.

Owner: Rachael of Redrchl.reads
Goods: bookish candles

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Overall rating: 5 stars
Shop rating: 5 stars
Product rating: 5 stars
Customer service rating: 5 stars

Shop rating

Flickering Tales is a newer candle shop, open since March, but I've been a fan since before day one. Jess of Stuck in Books & jessbooklover RAVED about these candles so I put in a preorder and picked up just about every candle in the shop at the time (which was 10). Flickering Tales has expanded since then, and I like that there's a really good variety of scents and sizes plus prices are really reasonable. Each regularly listed candle is available in a 4 oz or 8 oz (included in the same listing so you're not searching for a different size. I LOVE when shops list products this way), but if you're into 2 oz samplers like me, there's a pick four option that includes most of the candles (exception: candles available in specific sets). As Flickering Tales is exclusively available on Etsy, there isn't a rewards program, BUT Rachael runs sales all the time, usually around holidays and has rep codes to boot (code KNOXDIVER10 is good until the end of July!).

One of the best things about Flickering Tales is that Rachael believes in variety! Yes, there are  the requisite ACOTAR candles (you can buy the four seasonal courts as a set!) and one lone HP option, but there's also Daughter of the Pirate King (also available individually or as a set!), a limited edition Game of Thrones set, Mr. Darcy, and a whole heap of brand new scents for several different fandoms! Sadly, there are three scents that have been discontinued and are available only until stock runs out so if you're a fan of Belle, the Queen of Hearts, or Pemberley (this is one of my FAVES!!), you need to grab these now!

Also available is a monthly mystery candle. So far, Rachael's done Nikolai for our favorite Bardugo-born pirate prince, Parisian Kisses in honor of Anna & the French Kiss, Dragna for a certain Caravalian villan, and July's mystery candle is "a mouthwatering mix [that] is the perfect blend for burning alongside your summer reads." Finally, Rachael also has created a collection of genre candles, which I LOVE. They're available individually, as part of a Lover set (classic, contemporary, new adult, romance), Fighter set (adventure, fantasy, sci-fi, suspense), or Lover & Fighter bundle for all eight that comes with a bonus Fairy Tale candle! I love how unique these are and they're very versatile for bookstagrammers because you can use these in pictures with so many different books, not just a specific book or series.

I'm on the rep team so one thing we do in our group chat (other than be silly and ridiculous and generally fangirlish) is workshop candle ideas! Rachael is really receptive to suggestions, which is fantastic because she makes me feel like I'm part of a team, not just a bought and paid-for advertiser. But she is the one who's making the candles, and no matter what our group suggests, Rachael's the one who works to make those ideas come to life and then she always goes the extra mile on top of that.

Product rating

I *love* my Flickering Tales candles! Points to the shop because there are labels on the lids for the shop and labels on the side with each candle's name and scent combination, which I like because I always want to know the individual scents (I never would have known I loved amber scents if it weren't for Flickering Tales candles!). The labels are minimalist but tailored to each candle (November Cakes is Orange, Rhysand is navy, Breakfast at the Burrow is a chocolate brown, I am Groot is dark green, etc) so they look beautiful in pictures.

Also, these candles have really great throw, lit AND unlit. Every time I get a package from Rachael, I can smell the candles before I even open the box! I LOVE a candle with a strong throw. Most of the candles are undyed white wax, with the exception of the mystery candles, which come in beautiful glass jars with custom special labels. My special Unicorn Farts candle is made out of this amazing glitter wax so the candle shimmers while it's lit.

Customer service rating

As a customer from before the shop launched, I can objectively say Rachael's customer service is top-notch! After I put in one preorder, I decided to add a second, and Rachael double checked to make sure the shipping didn't also double in price AND ALSO sent me samples for candles I didn't order. She's incredibly responsive to messages on Etsy and answers in a timely and professional manner. I think sometimes people get caught up in the fan part of these bookish businesses and forget that they are, in fact, a business. Rachel is fun and kind and funny and fangirly so she's not all business, but she's super professional when it comes to orders.

Speaking of orders, they always ship out super quickly. The only time you'll be waiting on your candles is if you order your mystery candle early in the month because they always ship out about 3 weeks into the month. Once shipped, your order should arrive quickly, and it's always packaged up so your candles are safe. That is not an overrated detail since mail people usually get rough with your stuff.


Here are my favorite candles from Flickering Tales!

Rhysand: Okay, this smells like cologne and sexy man. One of my fellow reps gave SJM this candle while she was touring for ACOWAR, and Sarah said it smelled just like she imagined Rhys would. *swoon* If you want to shove this candle into a body pillow with Rhys's face drawn on it, I'm not going to judge. *shoves Rhys doll out of sight*

Pemberley: Disclaimer: This candle does not come with your own Pemberley. Or Mr. Darcy. You should know that in advance. But it DOES smell like your own English manor with sweeping gardens. If you close your eyes, though, I'd swear you'd be able to hear Darcy striding across the fields and Georgiana Darcy playing piano.

Unicorn Farts: This candle is not currently available, but it smells like strawberries and champagne and magic. I seriously like to just shove my nose in this bad boy and sniff. (see below)

Fairy Tale: This smells like fruit and fairies and magic and wonder.

Suspense: Okay, I'm not a huge fan of the suspense genre, but this candle is AWESOME. It smells like fog and mystery, as if the game, dear Watson.... IS AFOOT!

In conclusion...

I love this shop a whole lot and definitely recommend you check it out if you're into bookish candles. At least until July 31st, you can use KNOXDIVER10 to save while you're shopping. :)