Blurb & Review Requests:
Please send requests to maryhadalittlebookblog@gmail.comI do not answer emails sent to other email addresses. I accept review requests for traditionally published YA of any genre (I prefer contemporary, romance, sci-fi, and fantasy, but I'll look at others), and both NA and adult romance.

At this time, I do not accept review or blog tour requests for middle grade titles or indie or self-published novels of any genre.

If you need a blurb from a library person for your manuscript, I can help with that! Please include "blurb request" in the subject line.

Moderator Requests:
I have moderated over 30 panels in the past 5 years for events such as the North Texas Teen Book Festival, Texas Teen Book Festival, Mansfield Book Festival, Fierce Reads tour, Penguin Teen on Tour, Boldly Bookish Tour, and other single and multi-author panels at libraries and bookstores. If you need a moderator for an author signing, be it one author or a multi-author panel, please email me at and include "moderator request" in the subject line. I live in Dallas, TX, but I'm willing to travel to nearby cities such as Austin, Houston, or Oklahoma City. If you would like me to moderate at a festival outside of Texas, you can also shoot me an email, and we'll talk!

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