The Non-Update Update

So. Regular readers will notice I did not do a Listmania Monday post this week. I probably will not do one next week either. Also, I'm not sure if I'll be posting any new reviews during that time. This is for several reasons:

1. Work. Like, a lot of work.
2. Also, taxes, blech.
3. I've been reading a lot, but I haven't found books I really want to review. Even if I like a book, sometimes I just don't have a desire to do a review. It happens. But I have some not-so-recent reads that I'm working on reviewing.
4. I've been doing some site updates instead of new posts. This means in part updates to the site design that you may or may not notice, but mostly, I'm updating Listmania posts. I don't just do a list and forget about it. I like to keep them updated so as I get new post info, I'll update it. Likewise, if you have any updated info for any Listmania post, let me know and I'll include it (I LOVE comments!!)! These are the posts I have updated so far so check them out for the most up-to-date info I've got!
     -YA novels by state
     -YA novels by country
     -YA graphic novel adaptations
5. The biggest and best reason that I'm not putting out posts, though, is I am preparing for the Texas Library Association annual conference next week. That means I'm reading as many books by the authors I'll be meeting as I can as well as prepping interview questions. Also, buying books because author event = signed books and swag. You know what that means! In the meantime, you can really help me out by filling out my Giveaway Survey. This thing is ONLY three questions so it shouldn't take long. This survey is to let me know what YOU, my reader, want out of my next giveaway. I've been getting some, but not a whole lot, of feedback so please please please take 5 minutes to let me know what you think. Even if you don't have a preference, let me know!

Basically, I've got a lot of awesome things coming up so please bear with me through a week of relative quiet.

Happy reading!

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