What's new & what's missing: A letter to my readers

Dear readers,
I've added a new feature to my blog in the past week, and meanwhile, something old has been retired. What are they?

What's old and outdated and now gone?
You may or may not notice I took GFC off the sidebar. That's because Google, who owns and operates Blogspot, is changing the way people can follow blogs. GFC is nice in theory because I can physically see how many people follow my blog, which makes this a good number to use to report followers for various and sundry reasons with which I'm sure you all are well acquainted or at least understand. However, Google is now pushing some of its other features instead of the old reader feature that was associated with GFC. I'm not thrilled about this change because I like GFC. However, to try to keep MHALBB up with blog trends, I decided to go ahead and change things now, before GFC is completely phased out in order to give myself time to test drive new and hopefully better methods for blog following.

What's new and exciting (I hope)?
In following some bloggers I admire and look up to, I've added a widget for Bloglovin. Yeah, it's a huge button so you can't raelly miss it. When I thought I'd have GFC and Bloglovin, I had a smaller widget, but i wanted this to be more obvious as a follow option now. Not gonna lie, I don't use my Bloglovin profile much, but it's pretty decent site with highly excellent email notification settings. Part of the problem with the evolution of GFC is that there isn't much purpose/function for it now that Google is really pushing Google+ and other widgets. With Bloglovin, you can customize how often you receive notifications about the blogs you follow and where you receive them. I'm all for that.

What does this mean for you, dear follower/reader?
Well, if you followed me via GFC, you still are. I've just taken off my widget. While I'm talking to you, seriously, THANK YOU to all of you who did follow via GFC. You guys have no idea how much it's meant to me to gain followers over the past few months. I like to think I'd blog even if no one was reading, but not gonna lie, it makes me feel good to think that you have been.

Now I'm switching to a new follow service so I'd appreciate it if you'd switch with me, but please don't feel like it's a must. I hate having to join new things just because someone tells me to so don't feel like I'm pushing you. If you don't want to try the new thing, that's cool. I'm keeping email up as a follow option if you're not up for the new stuff. Or you can just visit me without a follow. I'll still love you!

Okay, so for now, I'm limiting my options to email, Bloglovin, and Twitter. I don't want to spread myself too thin, which is why I don't have a Facebook for the blog or anything like that. I like to concentrate my attention on the most important and hopefully effective platforms available. Also, whatever is the least time-consuming because sometimes I get busy in real life, but I don't want to abandon the blog. Anywho, I'm gonna give Bloglovin a shot so you can follow that way or not. This is kind of a trial for me here so let me know how you feel about it via comment or email (spnfanATgmailDOTcom is the blog email). If Bloglovin doesn't work out, I'll try to find something better. Speaking of which, if you know of another great follow service, please also let me know via comment or email. I'm open to suggestions and advice!! Thanks again for your readership and please have patience with me as I experiment here.

Lots of love & good books,

PS During the time that I have Bloglovin, I will be using that as a method for giveaway entry so there will be at least ONE perk to getting a Bloglovin profile, but like with all giveaway entry methods, it won't be required. I decided I don't like forcing you guys to HAVE to choose one particular method if you don't prefer it. :)

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