Vacation break + epic road trip

Hey, friends! Tomorrow morning my sister, my niece, and I are embarking on a 10 hour drive from Dallas to Nashville so I can attend the Dark Days Tour for the second year running.

Then we're swinging farther east to visit our parents for a couple days in Knoxville. Then I'm heading south to Atlanta to hit up the Lovestruck tour in Atlanta, where I'm SUPER EXCITED to meet some of my fellow bloggers like Aly of My Heart Hearts Books (one of my favorite online blogger friends!) and Amy of Lady Reader's Bookstuff (who I actually met during last year's Dark Days Tour, but I was still just a newbie then). 

From there, it's back to Nashville for Courtney C. Stevens' Faking Normal launch and then home to Dallas. After a very brief reprieve (as in one day), I'll go to Abbi Glines' Take a Chance launch here in Dallas and two days later, Victoria Scott's Fire & Flood launch, also here.

Now, I'm not going to complain about the traveling and how tired I'm sure to be at the end of this super epic journey because to me this is totally worth it, but the sheer amount of time I'm going to spend driving means I'm not going to have a lot of access to the internet during these days. Even when I get places, it'll be difficult to get online because I don't want to miss out on hanging out with my family or friends. I do have some posts scheduled, but that will just about be the extent of my blogginess over the next week or so. More than anything, this is an explanation why I'll be MIA from Twitter! The good news is that this many events equates to this many event recaps and also giveaways so definitely keep a look out for those!



  1. Oh man! The Lovestruck tour sounds awesome! I wish I could take off and go down to GA! That's awesome you're going to Courtney's Faking Normal launch! I'll be there too!! As well as Dark Days, but you knew that! Safe travels Mary! What a great vacation!!!

    -Jessica (@lovinloslibros)

  2. Have an amazing time!!! I am so jealous and I would have been there if I had not had to have surgery on Monday! :( Maybe I will catch them all soon! Please share all the details with us!!!

  3. I wish book tour came to Alberta! They sound super fun and I would love to meet the authors.

  4. I wanna come!!!! I really hope you all had a blast. Forever jealous.

  5. I hope you enjoyed your trip :D I absolutely love road tripping every now and then. I definitely have the itch now. Such a long winter!

  6. I know this was a while ago, but I still had to comment. I think it is SO awesome that you have someone willing to go on a road trip like that with you to meet all of those amazing authors! I couldn't even convince anyone to drive up the street with me to meet Lamar Giles, and nobody else ever comes around here - he only does because he is from VA!