Audio Adventures: Wish List

It is a sad fact that for as many books that get published, not all of them can become audiobooks. The following is a list of all the books (or authors' entire works) I wish I could listen to.

Audiobook Wish List

Paula Stokes 

You're right, Paula isn't a book, but I would like ALLLLLL of her work to be audiobooks. I ADORE The Art of Lainey and Girl Against the Universe. I have not read Vicarious yet, but I'm sure it is also fantastic. Paula's characters are so REAL. They're dynamic individually, and dynamite as an ensemble. I would love to hear her stories since I always get a different perspective when I listen to a book.

Jennifer Echols

Jennifer is a favorite of mine, but she has always been part of the quiet YA movement. Her books aren't flashy bestsellers (which is a darn shame!), but I have always connected with her stories and her characters from the very first time I saw Major Crush's cover. Something in each of Jen's books feels like it's been pulled out of the diary of my life, and how could I not want to listen to them? Plus, Jen has some seriously swoony guys and sassy gals I'd love to hear!

Jodi Meadows

I LOVED Jodi's Incarnate series; each installment kept getting better and better. So it pains me that only Incarnate has an audiobook. Conversely, I didn't LOVE The Orphan Queen duology, but I enjoyed it. I would love to see if listening and gaining new perspective would make me enjoy the story even more. The bottom line is that Jodi writes kickass fantasy, and that always makes for entertaining and engrossing audiobooks. C'mon, Harper, jump on it!

I'll Meet You There by Heather Demetrios
Again, I didn't LOVE this book, but I did really like it. Plus it's a 13 on the 1-10 swoony scale. Skylar and Josh have phenomenal chemistry, and that translates well in audiobooks if you have the right narrators. With as popular as IMYT is, honestly I'm shocked it didn't get an audio.

Meg Cabot's Boy series

I have long loved Meg's teen books: Princess Diaries, Mediator, Airhead, Abandon, Avalon High, Teen Idol, etc. She's queen of teen fiction. But Meg ALSO has a ton of amazing adult books, and I got hooked on those when I picked up Boy Meets Girl probably about a decade ago. Since then, I have read the entire companion trilogy about once every two years or so (probably a little more), and I have long stalked Meg's website FAQ which has hinted for a couple years that she was working on another epistolary novel. This year when The Boy is Back was announced, I couldn't have been more excited. To celebrate, I began searching for the audiobooks of the other three so I could listen to them before number four releases in September. Imagine my disappointment, nay, horror when I realized THEY DON'T EXIST. Granted, this is probably because they are epistolary novels and instead of traditional prose narration, these stories are told through letters, notes, emails, IMs, diary entries, airplane tickets, documents, etc. But if Illuminae can make it work, SO CAN THESE.

Update: I just discovered an AUDIO CASSETTE of the first book in the series The Guy Next Door (I guess before it was Boy Next Door! Sold from Germany and the UK so maybe that's why?) on Amazon for $9.08. This shall be mine!

This Adventure Ends by Emma Mills
This book isn't out yet, but it's already one of my favorites of the year. Emma herself narrated the audiobook for her first novel First & Then, which was pretty good. I wouldn't mind if she narrated This Adventure Ends; I just want one period!

I wrote this list a couple months ago. This Adventure Ends released last week, and I haven't seen an audiobook pop up on Amazon or Audible. FINGERS CROSSED that it will happen!

The Storyspinner and The Skylighter by Becky Wallace
 Fantasy novels make the best audiobooks, and I'd love for Becky's Brazilian-inspired world to come to life in an audio. It's a magical, beautiful series, and I think it would sparkle and shine via audio interpretation.

The Start of Me and You by Emery Lord
I just don't think it's very fair that both of Emery's other books have audios, but Me and You doesn't. It was a really interesting story, and I would love to hear Paige's intense and emotional story.

Tiffany Schmidt's Once Upon a Crime Family series
I would love to have audiobooks (and more sequels!) for Hold Me Like a Breath and Break Me Like a Promise. They're such unique books, and I think they would be really exciting in audio. Again, these are more quiet YA, but these books are really cinematic (seriously, these should be movies!), and that's a great quality to have in an audiobook.

Do you agree with my picks? What books would you choose to have audiobooks? Let me know in the comments!


  1. I haven't read Paula Stokes books yet, but everyone I've read his or her reviews about her work agree with you about her writing and characters, so yes I definitely love this choice of yours. I think the other books listed here also would make good audio book choices, especially the fast-paced action scenes in the fantasy novels.

    1. I absolutely love Paula, and I think everyone should read her books. She's a wonderfully talented writer!

  2. I'm reading The Girl Against the Universe now and I love it! I bet it's really good on audio! I'm so glad you loved The Orphan Queen and The Mirror King! I've had them on my TBR list forever! Happy listening! :D

    1. GATU is AMAZING, and I hope you love it as much as I do. Jodi is a must-read author for me so I'm always going to shout her books from my rooftop.

  3. Hi, Mary! I’m a big audiobook fan, and I’m so happy to find another audiobook lover in you. I wish all books become audiobooks too. I love Jennifer Echols, but for some reason I’ve read all her books. I guess I have some audio authors (I listen to their books) and book authors (I read their books). I hope I make sense here. Great post! I admit visited your blog because of you audio posts, but then I’ve read your about page and I liked it so much. It looks like we also have similar taste in books. So I plan to stalk you blog from now on. Have a good week!

    1. Hi, Ksenia! That's really interesting that you have some authors you listen to and some you read to. I bet you have a lot of fun deciding which books to read and which to listen to. I'm super okay with blog stalking. :D

  4. I never really even noticed that some of these didn't have audiobooks! I'm bummed I can't reread The Start of Me and You via audio because Open Road Summer was SO GREAT.

    1. I NEED to listen to Open Road Summer. It's on my 2016 TBR, but I keep pushing it aside for audio rereads! I'm definitely bummed about Start of Me and You. It's such an emotional book, but it's also fluffy and fun (LOVE the friendships!) so I think it would be a fun audiobook. Alas, no such luck. :(

  5. I agree that fantasies make great audios! But... I've also listened to other awesome audios such as Scottish romances, sci-fi, contemporary romances... Have you listened to the Splintered series by A.G. Howard in audio or The Talon series by Julie Kagawa? They are fantasies and fantastic!