Weekly wrap-up: November 9-15

This week can best be described as an emotional roller coaster. Interview for a new job went great, then my house was broken into. GOT the job (I'm gonna be a LIBRARIAN!!!!!), then tons of drama at my current one. I'd like a few days where it's nothing but happiness, kplzthx. That would be great. Needless to say, I did NOT get a lot of reading done this week!

99 Days - Katie Cotugno: 4 stars. This book has some really important things to say about the way we treat other people. Not only is it commentary on slut shaming, but it also deals with the way people feel they have a right to comment on others' relationships. I think many people will be uncomfortable with the cheating and family relationship aspects of this novel, but it really is quite good, and I recommend you give it a try. It's just not going to be for everyone.

Currently Reading:
The DUFF audiobook - Kody Keplinger. I enjoyed this book when I read it a couple years ago, and when I saw the audio on sale at Half Price, I figured I'd pick it up and reacquaint myself before the movie comes out next year (MAE WHITMAN FTW). Sadly, the audio is not doing it for me. Not only do I not care for the narrator, whose voice for each character are not distinct enough and who sounds like she either received a shot of Novocaine in the tongue or recently received a tongue piercing and can't quite talk properly yet, but I like the story much less too. Also the narrator pronounces Wesley's name like WEZ-ley, and I hate that.
The Shape of My Heart (2B #3) - Ann Aguirre. I am also sad to say I'm not enjoying this one as much as I had anticipated. I loved books one and two, but this one just isn't quite at the same level. Hoping it picks up.

New to my bookshelf this week:

Let the Sky Fall - Shannon Messenger

Half Price Books: (HPB has coupons this week. COUPONS. FOR 40-50% OFF)
The DUFF audiobook - Kody Keplinger
The Winner's Curse and The Celestial Globe - Marie Rutkoski
Tiger's Quest - Colleen Houck
Sublime - Christina Lauren (WHO I GET TO MEET NEXT WEEK!) 

Events Attended: 
11/12: Everblaze tour with Shannon Messenger. I always have a GREAT time with Shannon! She's so much fun!

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  1. Here's to a drama free week at your job. And super duper major congrats on your new job!!! YAY!! That is SOO awesome!! The perfect job for a book lover!! Woot Woot!