Weekly Wrap-Up: May 19-25

The Killer's Cousin - Nancy Werlin. 3 stars. Weird. Interesting concept, but...weird.
Breaking Point (Article 5 #2) - Kristen Simmons. 4 stars. Definitely will review.
Twisted Perfection (Perfection #1) - Abbi Glines. 3 stars. Woods is one of my favorites of Abbi's boys, but I wasn't impressed with the story. Kinda typical Abbi Glines.
Sleepaway Girls - Jen Calonita: 4 stars. Very cute. Jen's books are darling.

Currently Reading:
Burning - Elana K. Arnold
Winger - Andrew Smith
Levitating Las Vegas - Jennifer Echols
Beauty Queens audiotape - written and narrated by Libba Bray. Definitely will review this one!

New to my bookshelf this week:
School Spirits - Rachel Hawkins: total impulse buy. Saw it at Half Price Books and had to have it. The library is being rather slow with its copies.
Burning - Elana K. Arnold: Finally took the plunge and joined netgalley. This is my first title and I'm really liking it so far!
Pretty Dark Nothing - Heather L. Reid: went to Heather's debut party on Wednesday so expect recap and giveaway this week!

I'm really trying to clear out my shelves. I have so many library books and arcs from TLA that I'm still trying to get through!

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  1. Any books you'd like to pass along I'll be happy to take them off your hands! (: