Sweet Legacy Blitz

Rating: 4/5 stars
Pub Date: September 3, 2013
Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books (Harper Collins imprint)
Genre: young adult, mythology, paranormal romance, action/adventure
Format/Source: ARC obtained at TLA


Disclaimer: I was given a copy of this book by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Greer has always known she was privileged, though she had no idea how special her second sight made her, even among her triplet monster-fighting sisters. But when a god starts playing with her mind, can Greer step up in her pretty high heels to prevent anything from stopping her sisters’ mission?

Grace loves her adopted brother, Thane, but now that he’s back and has joined her sisters’ team, it’s clear his past is full of dark mysteries. She wants to trust him, but will Thane’s secret put the girls in even more danger?

Gretchen knows she can rely on her sisters to help her stop the monsters. But after getting to know some of the beasties in the abyss, she finds her role as a huntress comes with more responsibility than she ever imagined. How can she know what her birthright demands of her now?

The girls cannot hesitate as they seek the location of the lost door between the realms, even as monsters and gods descend on San Francisco in battle-ready droves. In this exciting conclusion to the Sweet Venom trilogy, these teenage heirs of Medusa must seek the truth, answer the ancient riddles, and claim their immortal legacy.

I don't know why it took me so long to read the Medus Girls trilogy because I read all of Tera's other books last year and loved them. I'm so glad I finally got into these because they might be her best. I shotgunned this trilogy like I've done to shows on Netflix, and it was awesome. I'm still having a kind of Greek mythology hangover now from reading all of them so fast.

Sweet Legacy picks up only moments after the end of Sweet Shadows. The girls and a couple of the boys head into the realm of the monsters to look for the Gorgons. Action flies fast in the first few pages, but there are some sweet moments too, particularly with Greer and....someone. ;) I think Tera did a fantastic job with the pacing of this trilogy. The action-packed fights are interspersed with plenty of those soft and quiet moments, whether those moments are sisterly bonding, the girls with their respective paramours, or Grace doing something scholarly. The information and mythology also flows at a good rate with no info-dumping. Nothing feels forced. Even with all the pairing up and the speed with which the girls learned to trust and love one another, I thought everything felt pretty natural. I'm pretty sure that if I were in a life-or-death situation where mythological creatures were attempting to kill me, I'd get over the fact that I had a long-lost sister or two.

I like the characterization of the girls, but most of all, I like their evolution from the stereotypes they represented in the first book and even part of the second: Grace, the scholar. Gretchen, the warrior. Greer, the rich girl. They all become scholars of a type. They all become warriors. They...well, they don't all get rich, but you know what I'm saying. I like that the girls allow themselves to change and evolve as their roles do. This is especially noticeable with Gretchen as other characters point her evolution out to the reader.

Nick, Milo, and Thane. *sighs* They're dreamy. Seriously, it's hard to pick a favorite! The guys are mysterious and definitely a source of confusion for much of the series, but I love that they become a source of strength and comfort without being a crutch for any of the girls. This is as much their story as it is for G3, and seriously, what a story it is! Thane especially has a mysterious past that is scary and heart-breaking and strangely alluring, but he also allows himself to change. I love his scenes with Grace just as much as the scenes with Greer. I'm a sucker for a big brother with a heart of gold!

It's obvious that Tera does a ton of research when she writes, and it really pays off. She may take some liberties with the time-honored myths we all know and love, but as I said above, it feels authentic. She flawlessly weaves mythological history with modern twists that only sixteen-year old triplets could inspire and plops everything in front of the rich backdrops of San Fransisco, the realm of the monsters, and even Mt Olympus itself.

Basically, Sweet Legacy is a great conclusion to a really fun and well-written trilogy. The characters are sypathetic and relatable. The setting is detailed and fresh. The romance is light and sweet. The action is intense. The mythology is believable. You should go read it.

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About the Author:
Tera Lynn Childs is the award-winning author of the mythology-based Oh. My. Gods. and Goddess Boot Camp, the mermaid tales Forgive My Fins, Fins Are Forever and Just For Fins, and a new trilogy about monster-hunting descendants of Medusa that includes Sweet Venom, Sweet Shadows, and Sweet Legacy (September 3, 2013). She has two new e-novellas coming soon, "Goddess In Time" (November 2013) and "Pretty In Pearls" (January 2014). She has also e-published two fun chick lit romances, Eye Candy and Straight Stalk. Tera lives nowhere in particular and spends her time writing wherever she can find a comfy chair and a steady stream of caffeinated beverages.

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