Allegiant signing with Veronica Roth

Last night I got to meet the incredible Veronica Roth, which was truly mind-blowing. It seems like all of Dallas was out for it too because lines were crazypants. Mad props to the Lincoln Park Barnes & Noble employees, though, because they had great attitudes and kept things moving without being jerks. I was there for a few hours so I had lots of time to hang out with friends, meet some new ones, and check out new reading material.

So Veronica showed up right after 7 PM, at which time the crowd let out a huge cheer, and then she read a deleted scene from one of the novellas. I got video, but that's going to take a bit of time to switch to a viewable format. I promise to post when I get that done. I was really lucky in that I was really, really close to her when she was reading. Some people might have been closer to the front of the line, but they were shoved back in the stacks. I was toward the back of the groups that were upstairs, but I had a great line of vision (except for when this one B&N employee walked across during the reading. Oh, well. Can't really complain). Then, I got some really great shots of Veronica during the signing. No posed pictures were allowed so I didn't get one with her, but I got some really cute pictures of her, and I got to talk to her, which was good enough for me.

Did you know Veronica Roth is adorable? YOU DO NOW.
I have no idea what they were talking about here, but I love this picture.
I went through the line twice. Since I showed up way early Tuesday to get my ticket, I didn't have a very long wait and was relatively close to the front of the line for my own books. Then, I skpped back a couple hundred people to hang out with my friend Alex from Peace, Love & Fangirl while she got hers signed, and I was able to capture this momentous occasion on film.

LOLZ at Veronica's expression.
Dawww, Alex is way excited, and look at Veronica's really sweet smile!
Special, special thanks to my sister Emily who lent me her camera. Em's usually my partner in crime when I go to a big signing like this; she and I went to see Stephenie Meyer together back in March. This time, tiny extenuating circumstances required her to stay home tonight, but when I went to her house begging use of her superior camera (mine is lost somewhere in my moving boxes, and my tablet just doesn't cut it), she begrudgingly but kindly allowed me to take it. Hence the pretty decent pictures. Also, special thanks to the mom standing behind me in line. See, Veronica and her people put a one-book-per-person rule in place. I bought two copies of Allegiant and had two wristbands for the event, but I would only be allowed to have one book signed. Emily's presence was double extra sorely missed! But THEN I wound up in line with a mom who was chaperoning her daughter and her daughter's friend. I asked her if she would mind getting a book signed for me. She said that she didn't have a wristband. I told her, "Well, I do!" and pulled my extra one out of my purse. She gladly took it and thus I managed to prettily skip my way around that rule! I didn't catch your name, mom, but thank you so, so much!

All for me! This is definitely going a special shelf!

I really like to get the first book signed in a series if I can't get all of them. I feel like it's the really special one, particularly if it's a debut, which Divergent is. And finally, on to what you guys are all waiting for:

I'm pretty sure if we were friends IRL, I'd call her VRoth.
That's actually two books. The one on the left is mine; I just needed to hold down the cover of the copy I'm giving away to ONE LUCKY WINNER THAT COULD BE YOU. There's a little less than 5 days left so make sure you get those entries in. Daily entries in particular could really make a difference on this one. Just sayin'. Anyway, if you're looking to make this beauty yours, details & rafflecopter are here. Best of luck!

Finally, because this cracks me up, I just thought I'd share the silly picture I put up on Twitter the other night. It's ridiculous, and I hope it makes you laugh, but seriously, don't spoil me. Don't spoil others. Accidents happen (I may have unknowingly told someone one of the twists in Unravel Me, and I felt terrible, but it really was an accident), this is true. But don't go out of your way to ruin someone else's experience. Please remember to tag those #Allegiantspoilers. I'm not saying this will happen to you, but I'm not saying it won't, either.

Liam Neeson takes his YA reading VERY seriously!


  1. It sounds like you had a fabulous, amazing time!!!
    So happy you had fun! Looking forward to the video <3

  2. That is so awesome! I just started reading Divergent and am already obsessed!

  3. That must have been exciting! So jealous!!! I wish I lived in the U.S.!