Weekly wrap-up: October 6-12

I finished up my adult romance week and moved on to some long-awaited review books. How has your week been?

The Bride Wore Size 12 (Heather Wells #5) - Meg Cabot: 4 stars. Not my favorite of the Heather Wells series, but a thoroughly satisfying finale. Loving Heather + Cooper!
The Iron Traitor (Iron Fey: Call of the Forgotten #2) - Julie Kagawa: 4 stars. Review + Giveaway here.
Playing Dirty (Stargazer #2) - Jennifer Echols: 5 stars. Loved it. I can't even properly express how much exactly I loved it. I desperately adore Sarah and Que'n
Six Months Later - Natalie D. Richards: 4 stars. I thought this was going to be kind of a cute contemporary. Boy, was I surprised!

Clockwork Prince (Infernal Devices #2) audiobook - Cassandra Clare, Ed Westwick, & Heather Lin: 3 stars. I liked both Ed and Heather's narration, but I would have preferred one or the other. It was completely random when one was narrating or the other. No order whatsoever. There were many scenes where I wish Ed had done it, namely the romance scenes, Jem's proposal... A good audiobook, but somewhat disappointing.

Currently Reading:
Clockwork Princess audiobook - Cassandra Clare: Decent narration. It's early, but this one might end up my favorite of the audiobooks.
Fangirl - Rainbow Rowell: Love this!
Frigid (Frigid #1) - J. Lynn: My first JLA bok! Enjoying it so far.

New to my bookshelf this week:
Wild Cards - Simone Elkeles


Salvage - Alexandra Duncan (EW)
Crashing Into You - B.D. Rowe (NG)
Anyone But You - Kim Askew & Amy Helmes (NG)
Me Since You - Laura Weiss (EW)
Covert Assignment - Missy Marciassa (NG)
The Summer I Found You - Jolene Perry (NG)
Plants vs Zombies: Lawnmageddon - Paul Tobin & Ron Chan (NG)
Sekret - Lindsay Smith (NG)
Tin Star - Cecil Castelluci (NG)
Into the Still Blue - Veronica Rossi (EW)
Great - Sara Benincasa (EW)
Panic - Lauren Oliver (EW)
Uninvited - Sophie Jordan (EW)
House of Ivy & Sorrow - Natalie Whipple (EW)
Avalon - Mindee Arnett (EW)
Perfect Lies - Kiersten White (EW)
Her Dark Curiosity - Mergan Shepherd (EW)


  1. I've had total reader's block this week. I've been unable to read anything! Hopefully it goes away soon because it makes me sad! :(

    1. :( Oh dear, Susan! Well, I know you just got some new books ;) Maybe one of them will help inspire you!

  2. I'm going to start reading Never Fade soon! So excited! But it will probably take a long time since I'm so busy now... :/

    1. I hate when life gets in the way of reading. Such a bummer. :(

  3. I agree with you about clockwork prince and the changing narration... The guy reader was perfect and I wish they had just cut the girl out all together. His voice made me melt at certain parts and I wanted it the whole time!!!

  4. Such a great selection of books! Ive read a lot of them and they were all fantastic, especially clockwork princess!