Top Ten Tuesday #53: Authors whose books I hoard more than usual

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme created by The Broke and The Bookish. Each week the girls at B&B think up a fun theme, and participating bloggers post their favorite 10 books in that category. This week's theme is

Top ten authors whose books I own the most of
This is actually a little bit of a difficult topic for me because my library is split in half between my parents' house in Tennessee and my place in Dallas and also my books are not very well organized at the moment so there's no way for me to easily look at all my books and be like, oh yeah. So today I'm splitting my list up, and I'm going to go over ten. But this is me so I usually go over ten.

 I took these shelfies when I was home during my huge February roadtrip. The shelf on the left is my "favorites" shelf and contains many of the book collections on this list. The shelf on the right is one of my overflow shelves with very little rhyme or reason. However, I do know where my books are. A couple months ago, I called my mom and asked for the "matching blue, pink, and yellow books" that were on that shelf "around chest height." Before I could give her the titles, she already knew what they were. Also, they didn't make this list, but shout out to my Dear America diaries, which are all on that shelf on the right.

Note 1: I do count arcs (but only the physical ones, not digital) and duplicates, but I do not count duplicates that I bought with the intent of giving them away, which is one reason why this was difficult.

Note 2: Usually, I'm very specific about always using italics with book covers but eff that today. Ain't nobody got time for that with this list!

10. Suzanne Collins: 8
  • The Underland Chronicles: Gregor the Overlander, The Prophecy of Bane, The Curse of the Warmbloods, The Marks of Secret, The Code of Claw
  • The Hunger Games: The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, Mockingjay

My Hunger Games copies are on my favorites shelf, but here are my 
Underland Chronicles, Eoin Colfer collection, Charlie Bone & Percy
Jackson. Basically all my favorite middle grade books.


9. Laura Ingalls Wilder: 9 
  • Little House on the Prairie series: Little House in the Big Woods, Little House on the Prairie, Farmer Boy, On the Banks of Plum Creek (my favorite!), By the Shores of Silver Lake, The Big Winter, Little Town on the Prairie, These Happy Golden Years, and The First Four Years

8. Ally Carter: 10.5
  • Gallagher Girls series: I'd Tell You I Love You But Then I'd Have to Kill You, Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy, Don't Judge a Girl By Her Cover, Only the Good Spy Young, Out of Sight Out of Time, United We Spy, United We Spy chapter sampler (this is the .5), "Double Crossed"
  • Heist Society: Heist Society, Uncommon Criminals, Perfect Scoundrels

me with Ally @ TLA 2013!
(I went through her line three times so I could get all my books signed)
(worth it)


7. Cassandra Clare: 12
  • The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, City of Ashes, City of Glass, City of Fallen Angels, City of Lost Souls, City of Heavenly Fire
  • The Infernal Devices: Clockwork Angel (hc & pb), Clockwork Prince, Clockwork Princess
  • The Bane Chronicles: I don't know which one, but I have exactly one story from these
  • The Magisterium: The Iron Trial

 me with Cassie @ B&N Franklin, Dec 2011
This is the same store where I got to meet Elizabeth Eulberg,
Jackson Pearce, Jen Calonita & that hosted Dark Days in Feb


6. J.K. Rowling: 13
  • Harry Potter: Sorcerers Stone, Chamber of Secrets, Prisoner of Azkaban, Goblet of Fire, Order of the Phoenix, Half-Blood Prince,  Deathly Hallows + 3 UK editions (I honestly can't tell you which ones because I just got them)
  • Quidditch by the Ages
  • Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them
  • The Tales of Beetle the Bard
Bookshelf staples, I mean come on. HP, Shatter Me (and
yes, I put Tahereh & Ransom together because duh),
Twilight (Steph clocked in with a measly 6 so she's not allowed 
on my list), Inheritance Cycle, and my Ally Carters. There's 
my bonus Clockwork Angel (because Magnus's vow &
this copy was like $1 at the Scholastic sale) and some of my
adult Richelle Meads. Also Sarah Ockler <3


    5. Eoin Colfer: 13
    • Artemis Fowl series: Artemis Fowl, The Arctic Incident, The Eternity Code (my fave!), The Opal Deception, The Lost Colony, The Time Paradox, The Atlantis Complex, The Last Guardian, The Artemis Fowl Files
    • W.A.R.P series: The Reluctant Assassin, The Hangman's Revolution
    • The Supernaturalist
    • Airman
    It took 2 separate signings, but I got all my EC books AND my mom's signed in
    April (This pic is from TLA. Eoin said he would sign all my books "as long as [he] 
    didn't have to carry them." Also worth it. Best mother's day gift I've ever given!


    4. Abbi Glines: 17
    (I know we're not supposed to be ashamed of what we read, but I'm definitely sad I have more of Abbi's books than other authors I like better.)
    • The Vincent Boys: The Vincent Boys (2 copies), The Vincent Brothers
    • Sea Breeze series: Breathe, Because of Low, While It Lasts, Just for Now, Sometimes It Lasts, Bad for You, Hold on Tight
    • Rosemary Beach series: Fallen Too Far, Never Too Far, Forever Too Far, Rush Too Far, Twisted Perfection, Simple Perfection (absolutely horrible & I want to pretend it doesn't exist because it ROYALLY PISSED ME OFF)

    Me with Abbi at the Take a Chance launch in February. No
    shelfie with her books because I own all of hers on Kindle.

    3. Jennifer Echols: 14.5 17.5
    • Standalones: Major Crush, The Ex Games, Love Story, Going Too Far, Forget You, The One That I Want, Such a Rush (arc & hc), Dirty Little Secret, Levitating Las Vegas
    • The Boys Next Door: The Boys Next Door, Endless Summer (omnibus of TBND + ES so I gave it the .5)
    • The Superlatives trilogy: Biggest Flirts (arc & hc), Perfect Couple (arc)
    • Stargazer: Star Crossed, Playing Dirty

    I really did almost cry when I met Jenn at TLA last year.

    This is a partial pic of my JE collection, but I'm giving
    myself bonus points for having nearly all the Simon 
    Pulse romantic comedies. Also, you see the Mediator 
    books there? Remember them for later...


    2. Richelle Mead: 21 + 1.5 27 + 1.5
    • Vampire Academy: Vampire Academy (first edition pb + special edition hc), Frostbite, Shadow Kiss, Blood Promise, Spirit Bound, Last Sacrifice PLUS I bought the entire series last year when it was on sale for Kindle
    • Bloodlines: Bloodlines, The Golden Lily, The Indigo Spell, The Fiery Heart, Silver Shadows
    • Dark Swan series: Storm Born, Thorn Queen, Iron Crowned, Shadow Heir + ebook collection of all four
    • Age of X trilogy: Gameboard of the Gods (audio)
    • anthologies (I did .5 for these so hence the 1.5): Foretold: 14 Tales of Prophecy & Prediction , Kisses from Hell, Immortal: Love Stories with Bite
     Meeting Richelle in June of 2012. I drove 2 hours with my mom to sit
    in the bookstore for 2 hours (we missed Richelle's Q&A) and wait for
    the line to go down. This began my waiting until the very end to get
    my books signed, a practice I still do today. And yes, I am wearing
    a Rock the Vote t-shirt & I gave one to Richelle. You can see the 
    backs of the t-shirts here.

    My VA collection plus my Gallagher Girls (and some TMI)


    • The Princess DiariesI don't even know which ones I have, but it's at least seven plus two of the "bonus" books like Holiday Princess so...9? So I just looked at the picture of my Meg Cabot books that I took in February, and I have 1-4 (x2) plus five and six plus three of the bonus books so: 13
    • Abandon trilogy: Abandon, Underworld, Awaken + Awaken ARC: 4
    • Mediator series: Shadowland, Ninth Key, Reunion, Darkest Hour, Haunted, Twilight (AND OMG THERE WILL BE A BOOK 7 AND I WANTS IT): 6 (but rest assured I WILL buy #7)
    • Avalon High: Avalon High, Avalon High: Homecoming: 2
    • Boy series: Boy Next Door (two pb, one is a first edition with Meg's pen name), Boy Meets Girl, Every Boy's Got One: 4 (and she could totally write more of these & I'd buy them)
    • Heather Wells series: Size 12 is Not Fat, Size 14 is Not Fat Either, Big Boned, Size 12 & Ready to Rock: 4
    • Insatiable: Insatiable, Overbite (c'mon, Meg, WRITE BOOK 3 ALREADY DANGIT): 2
    • Standalones: Nicola & the Viscount, Victoria & the Rogue, Teen Idol, She Went All the Way, Ransom My Heart: 6
    • anthologies: Foretold: 14 Tales of Prophecy & Prediction, Prom Nights from Hell: 2 x .5
    Guys, that is NOT my entire Meg collection. I brought
    a bunch with me to Dallas, and I've bought some since
    I moved here. Yeah.

    You guys think those are the big guns, though. HA. The ACTUAL winners of most books in my library are Carolyn Keene, whose Nancy Drew books (mostly the original yellow books, but a handful of Nancy Drew Files) have starred on my shelves for two decades; Franklin W. Dixon, whose Frank & Joe (mostly Joe) Hardy were the stars of my tween daydreams (mostly Hardy Boys casefiles, but my brother has most of the original blue ones); (and yes, that means I have most of the Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys Super Mysteries!); R.L. Stine (long live the Goosebumps, but I also have one of his ya novels); Gertrude Chandler Warner, whose Boxcar Children were my elementary school staple; and Ann M. Martin (I bought FORTY of The Baby-sitters Club books in ONE trip to my local used bookstore when I was eleven or so. The price tag for such a haul? $2 + tax.).

     This is the bookshelf with my Nancy Drews,
    Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen collection (I was a
    child of the 90s!), and Hardy Boys.

    So....yeah. As you can tell, most of these authors are among my favorites, and I have been fortunate to meet most of them too (so a disproportionate number of these books are signed)! I obviously have not met Laura Ingalls Wilder, but I HAVE been to her home. I have met Meg Cabot, but I don't know where the picture is for that. :(

    But I digress. I am a second generation book hoarder. My mom still has boxes full of the Bobsey twins from when she was a kid.

    Whew! This post literally took all day to do, but I had a lot of fun. I'm glad I could find all these pictures to include as well! Who are your favorites and how many do you have? Share your thoughts and links in the comments!


    1. Such a great post and so many wonderful photos! I love looking at books and you've made some great memories!

    2. Great post, Mary! I know you had mentioned getting to go to a lot of events, but it's awesome seeing all of the pictures you have with the authors. I read some of Eoin Colfers books when I was younger, but I am not sure if I even have them anymore. I would have to dig through boxes. I really enjoyed your post.

      Here is my TTT

    3. Wow that's a lot of books! So jealous you got to meet so many wonderful authors. And YES Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen books! I remember a time when my sister and I loved their adventure books!

      1. I used to have all of their books, but I think my mom donated them to Children's Hospital.

    4. Great list!! I just started reading the Vampire Academy series a few months ago and love it so far. Ally Carter, J.K. Rowling and , Cassandra Clare all made my list as well.

      Here is my TTT:

    5. You have more books than my local library does! Great list, and I cannot blame you for losing count :) My list is (a lot) smaller, but I still have most of the staples, HP, Percy Jackson, Twilight, etc.
      My TTT

    6. I love looking at your books. First off SIMON ROMANTIC COMEDIES! Those books were my LIFE in high school and I've been slowly collecting them again. I have about half. I keep my eye out because they pop up at Goodwill or in the sale section of Half Price Books all the time. One day my collection will be complete. I will say I am a bit stunned you don't have more HP! I want to get the UK hardcovers one day but I can't let myself spend around $100 dollars on a set of books that I already have 3 copies of. I have actually only read one Abbi Glines book but I could see myself buying all them because you know I'm a hoarder... I can't believe I forgot to include Richelle Mead on my list! I think it's because her series have been divided between my paperback and hardcover shelves. I am just like you in that I usually wait until the end because I many times have a small library for an author to sign. Plus they are more likely to take pictures because they don't see the long line of people they still have to sign for. Meg made my list but I don't even own half of her books!! I've always meant to pick up the ones I am missing. Also...I haven't read the Mediator series ssshhhssshhh

      sorry for the long comment (not really!)

    7. Great post! Love the pics. We have a lot of the same favs. I still have all the old Nancy Drew books! :-)

    8. Awesome collection! I didn't even consider counting all my books from when I was a kid because it would have been a mess.