Weekly wrap-up: June 29 - July 5

Oh my goodness, can you believe it?! I read not one but TWO books this week! Plus an audiobook! For me this summer, that is completely unheard of! Also, I'm doing something weird and listening to an audiobook before I have finished reading it (I have to have read a book before I listen to the audio). I kind of like it because whenever I read something that references something that happened previously but I can't find it in the book because it's over 600 pages, I am listening to the book and can find those parts that I want to. Seriously, it's weird, but I'm enjoying this! Also also, I went on another book buying spree.... How was your week?

By the way, I usually don't talk about my posts in my weekly wrap up, but in case you're living under a rock, right now I am hosting a giveaway in support of Irving Public Library's Kickstarter campaign to raise money for the upcoming North Texas Teen Book Festival. You can enter my giveaway without donating, but please, if you have the ability, PLEASE donate. There's about five days left in the campaign and they still need about $1300. Every dollar makes a difference, especially because they won't receive any money from the campaign unless that last $1300 is raised.

Noggin - John Corey Whaley: ?! stars. This is the third book of the year that I have not been able to rate (the first and second, if you were wondering, are Evertrue by Brodi Ashton and Hysteria by Megan Miranda). I liked it so it's at least a three, but I haven't been able to unmuddle my thoughts to figure out how I truly feel about it. I am flummoxed. It is super funny, though, and also made me cry (in a good way) so there's that.

City of Lost Souls audiobook - Cassandra Clare & Molly Quinn: 3 stars. Things I like: I do like Molly as a narrator. I especially like her voice for Isabelle. I am now prepared to read City of Heavenly Fire. Things I do not like: Molly's accents and voices for other non-Isabelle characters were at times annoying and at worst horribly cringe-worthy (looking at listening to you, random werewolf at the Praetor Lupis house). I now realize one of the reasons some readers can't stand Cassie's writing. I thought if I heard one more simile, I was going to poke my ears out. I'm so depressed. I have seen behind the curtain, and I can't unsee it. However, I still like the book, and I'm going to read CoHF as soon as I finish up with a couple tour books.

Currently Reading:
The Burning Sky - Sherry Thomas
Dreams of Gods & Monsters - Laini Taylor
Dreams of Gods & Monsters audiobook - Laini Taylor

New to my bookshelf this week:
Camp Payback - J.K. Rock
The Forsaken - Lisa M. Stasse
The Winner's Curse - Marie Rutkoski
Rebel Belle - Rachel Hawkins

Half Price Books:
City of Heavenly Fire - Cassandra Clare. Even though I have a copy of this, I couldn't not buy this for a giveaway or something.
Unraveled - Gena Showalter (x2)
Intertwined - Gena Showalter (x2)
Alice in Zombieland - Gena Showalter 
Venom - Fiona Paul

Barnes & Noble:
Noggin - John Corey Whaley
Break-Up Artist - Philip Siegel
#scandal - Sarah Ockler
The Art of Lainey - Paula Stokes
Ruin & Rising - Leigh Bardugo

Landline audiobook - Rainbow Rowell via Lili of Lili's Reflections. Thanks, Lili!!!!

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