Big News Part 2: Recap Month!

Lately, I've been talking about "big news" I've been keeping secret for the blog, and yesterday, I got to share the first part of it, my Find Me Readalong! Although due to an unfortunate blog scheduling error (meaning my poor overworked brain made a booboo) that caused this post to be published Friday night and allowing some of you to see this early, today I'm officially spilling my second piece of news: I'm declaring March to be Event Recap Month! March marks my birthday, which fell on a Tuesday last year. It gave me an excuse to give away some new releases that shared the special day with me. This year, I'm just going to celebrate all month long giving out a bunch of signed books instead. Any complaints? Didn't think so.

You guys know I love attending various bookish events in my community (or even events that are actually kind of far away), and I also love to recap those events. Well, last fall, I started to fall behind in all my recap posts. I was busy with work or it just never seemed to be a good time to post or I had a bunch of giveaways running or whatever. Well, in the past few weeks, I've been going to a LOT of signings and launches, and it's left me with a surplus of recap posts and a surplus of books. TLA is coming up in one month, and I really need to get some books cleared off my shelves for the new ones that will hopefully come in during the conference. More than than, I want to share all the stories and q&a sessions with everyone who hasn't been able to attend all the events I have.

So get ready, readers. Expect some awesome recaps (and corresponding giveaways) reeeeeally soon!



  1. Very excited! I really enjoy your recaps!
    Xo, Kristi

  2. Very excited! I love that you support so many local events!
    Hope this all goes well! Good luck to you!

  3. This is great. I hope you have a wonderful time at all these events. Happy Birthday to you as well.

  4. I have been loving all of the event recaps (and giveaways) and I think it's so awesome that you have been lucky enough to go to all of them! Do they give away a lot of books at the TLA? I don't think the one for my state does.