Weekly wrap-up: March 16-22

I did so much better about posting this week, but it was at the detriment of reading. I'm just not feeling most of the books I'm currently reading. I'd love to pick up a book I want to read, but right now I'm bogged down a lot by what I feel I need to read. I feel kind of penned in.

I haven't actually completed any books this week. At least completed any books for a first read. I know! What is the world coming too?!

Airhead (Airhead #1) audiobook - Meg Cabot: Meg Cabot & Stina Nielson: 3.5 stars. Not bad narration, but many technical aspects were just plain annoying, and at times they overshadowed the story. I don't want audiobook production to EVER be more on my mind than the story, but this book did that. Also, although I totally love Meg and all her books, I'm not sure her style is best-suited for audio. Full review coming soon.

Currently Reading:
Find Me (Find Me #1) - Romily Bernard. I'm slightly behind right here at the end of #readFindMe because of work, but I think I'll have some time today at work to finish!
We Were Liars - E. Lockhart. I feel like something's wrong with me. Everyone who has read this book so far has raved about it, but I'm just not connecting with the story. Sure, I'm into the mystery, I guess, but the rest is so shallow. It's like Gossip Girl lite. I'm having a hard time staying interested enough to keep reading.
Grasshopper Jungle - Andrew Smith. I was SO excited about this book, but now I wonder if it's just not for me. Again, I'm having trouble connecting to the story, even though I do like Austin's narration. However, I'm at the part where I think the pace is about to pick up so hopefully I'll start enjoying it more!

New to my bookshelf this week:
One Night That Changes Everything audiobook - Lauren Barnholt
Belles audiobook - Jen Calonita
Selection Stories - Kiera Cass
Be With Me - J. Lynn
Playing Dirty - Jennifer Echols
Racing Savannah - Miranda Kenneally
Alienated - Melissa Landers
This is What Happy Looks Like - Jennifer E Smith (man, I got a LOT of Jennifer books this week!)
Panic - Lauren Oliver (AND two different Laurens!)

Side Effects May Vary - Julie Murphy
The Body Finder - Kimberly Derting
Unremembered - Jessica Brody
Back When You Were Easier to Love - Emily Wing Smith

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  1. I agree with you about We Were Liars. I actually gave it 4 stars, but honestly the end didn't even shock me. I had already figured it out. Every day that goes by, I'm thinking more and more about lowering my rating to 3 or 2 stars...