Take a Chance Launch

New York Times bestselling author Abbi Glines stopped by Dallas for the second of her Take a Chance launch parties. She did a really quick Q&A session and then signed everybody's books.

 Sorry so blurry, but this place was PACKED!

After the Q&A, 50 people were put in line inside the store, and the rest of us were lined up outside in the mall. There were so many of us that not only did the store bring in all the mall cops, but there was also a legit cop from the local pd. I thought it was hilarious. "Look, guys! Rabid romance readers! Better call the cops!"

Q1. Will Bethy ever find happiness?
AG: Well, Tripp's book comes out in December... You'll have to read it to find out!

Q2. Will Nan have a book?
AG: I don't like Nan! Nan reminds me of a terrible person from my past so I don't want to give her a book.

Q3. Will you write other series or standalones not in the Sea Breeze or Rosemary Beach series?
AG: Next week I have a meeting with Simon Pulse to talk about my future since my last Sea Breeze book is due April 1st, and it's the last book I'm contracted for. But I also have a standalone with a prologue that's on the internet somewhere.

Q4. Simon Pulse is a ya publisher. Does that mean you're going younger with your future books?
AG: The standalone is ya. It's old school Abbi!

Q5. Will Mase have his own book?
AG: Mase is getting two books in 2015. After I wrote Take a Chance, they immediately signed me on for his story.

Q6. Was Breathe your first book?
AG: Breathe was my first finished book. I wrote another short book that inspired Existence. I found the side characters more interesting than the main characters. I trashed that book to do Existence.

The final question was just a little bit naughty!

Q7. Will Tripp be pierced? *giggles from the audience*
AG: No, because krit is. It's so funny because my husband read my search history and was concerned. I was like, "Nonononononono, it's for a book!"

me with Abbi!

Abbi very gamely signed all the extra books I brought to the signing so I have plenty for a giveaway! There will be two winners, and this giveaway is open to the US & Canada. First place will receive a signed copy of Take a Chance, a Grant t-shirt, a Nan-hater pin, and their choice of two more signed Abbi Glines books from the list below. Second place will get their choice of two signed Abbi Glines books. Good luck!

Books up for grabs include:
The Vincent Boys
The Vincent Brothers
Twisted Perfection
Simple Perfection
Because of Low
While it Lasts
Just for Now


  1. That is too hard to choose but I really like Twisted Perfection, and Breathe!!!

  2. I've only read The Vincent Boys, but I enjoyed it. :)

  3. Too be honest, I haven't read any of her books! I want to soooo bad though!

  4. I've never read any of her books, but I will now.

  5. I loved all 6 of her Sea Breeze books :-) I think that Breathe was my favorite....
    Thanks for posting the Q & A! I enjoyed reading it.

  6. The Vincent Boys. I loved the premise of childhood friends and who would pair off with who. The chemistry between Ashton & Beau, superb! I was going to start the Sea Breeze series next but need to get Breathe first, I own 2, 3 & 4.

  7. I have yet to read any of her books but I've been wanting to for such a long time! I've heard many great things and am so ready to join the fandom. Thank you so much for the giveaway! :D

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