Weekly wrap-up: April 27 - May 3

I feel like I did a lot of reading this week, but I didn't finish many books. Here's to hoping next week I've got a longer list (because my TBR for this weekend/next week is a little ridiculous). What did you read this week? Any recommendations?

Late Call (Call #1) - Emma Hart: 4 stars. I really enjoyed this book. It's a self pub with many of the typical grammatical and editing issues of your regular self pub, but far fewer than I usually expect. Also, the story was interesting enough that the technical issues I saw didn't bother me as much. I can't wait to read the sequel!

Camp Boyfriend (Camp Boyfriend #1) - J.K. Rock: 4 stars
Pants on Fire audiobook - Meg Cabot & Krista Sutton: 4 stars. I'm still not sure Meg's signature slightly-rambly style is best suited for audiobooks, but that doesn't mean I don't still love her. Krista's narration was really good! I thought she had decent voices for each of the characters, and I just bought her performance as Katie. I really enjoyed this one!

Currently Reading:
Mila 2.0 (Mila 2.0 #2) - Debra Driza
Dreams of Gods & Monsters (DoBaS #3) - Laini Taylor
The Forever Song (Blood of Eden #3) - Julie Kagawa
Lips Touch: Three Times - Laini Taylor. Normally I'd say this book is by Laini & Jim di Bartolot, but the sad truth about this audio adaptation is that there is no way to adapt Jim's beautiful drawings, which definitely leaves part of the story untold in this format. :( The good news is that the actual audio, the narration and reading, is really good.

New to my bookshelf this week:
I know there are several items waiting for me at the library, but I specifically didn't pick them up because I have several novels I need to read by early next week, and I can't have Shiny New Books distracting me!

Late Call - Emma Hart
My Not So Super Sweet Life - Rachel Harris (giveaway prize)

The Selection - Kiera Cass
Selection Stories - Kiera Cass
The Taking - Kimberly Derting

Half Price Books:
The Selection - Kiera Cass (2 copies)
Sea of Shadows - Kelley Armstrong
The Summoning - Kelley Armstrong
Texas Gothic - Rosemary Clement-Moor
White Hot Kiss - Jennifer L. Armentrout

Giveaways & Contests:
Renegade - Debra Driza. Thanks to Harper Collins & the ladies of The Fantastic Flying Book Club for this one!

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  1. I can only read one book at a time unless they're VERY different. I may have to check into The Selection series; I think it was supposed to go to tv, but maybe that has changed. Need to check on that, I guess.