Friday update

Well, my friends, it has been an exceedingly difficult month for me, but I can say that I have survived! Today is my last day as a camp instructor at the museum where I work. Monday I will go in, and things will be more or less back to normal! Hooray! That being said, it's opened my eyes to some sad facts about my reading and blogging habits. Clearly, I need to be more organized in the likely event that something like this happens again.

No worries, though. I plan on sticking with my little lamb blog for the long haul. If anything, I have plans to make it bigger and better with more reviews, discussions, and posts in general. Also, giveaways.  They're kind of my thing. :) Speaking of, I've got one running right now; you should totally enter! Since it's going for another week and a half, I really suggest the daily Twitter entries. They'll really add up this time around!

Anyway, I want to thank all of you for sticking with me through the tough times. Your comments and tweets have kept me going when my demon charges students had me at breaking point.

Love and happy reading,

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